Laser Dentistry

When lasers came to dentistry, it was a game changer for patients and dentists alike. They offer greater precision than any drill while reducing the need for anesthesia. Used surgically, there’s little or no bleeding, even as the laser simultaneously disinfects the tissues it’s being used on.
And best of all for you, there’s none of the uncomfortable vibration or irritating noise that comes with conventional drilling. There’s no pain. Just maximum satisfaction and comfort.
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Our Fotona LightWalker Twin Light Laser includes a specially designed, innovative handpiece lets our doctors safely and precisely deliver laser pulses to the treatment area without heating the surrounding tooth structure as a conventional vibrating drill would.

And because the laser works so much more quickly than conventional tools, treatment time tends to be much shorter, as well.

Lasers have proven a wonderful tool for removing decay and preparing teeth for fillings or other restorations. Even decay below the gumline can be removed without bleeding, and the precision of laser drilling means more healthy tooth structure can be preserved.

Dental lasers also have important roles to play in periodontal therapy, as well as surgical procedures such as implant placement, cavitation surgery, and the removal of oral growths. Tongue-ties can be easily released with anesthesia-free frenectomies.

We can even use lasers for gentle and effective tooth whitening!