We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive! We’re also grateful that so many take the time to write to us about their experience, sending us cards and notes to let us know the difference it made in their lives. We are lucky to be able to help so many people take charge of their health and find healing through the biological dental care we provide!
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“I’m not sure that we have ever experienced what we did in any other medical or dental practice. The quality of care and the kindness that you demonstrated to both of us are beyond any expectation. You have been an encouragement to us. May God continue to bless your practice. “

M & P

“Just want you to know how much I appreciate the great service, friendliness, and caring you gave me as a new patient. Thanks for fixing my tooth on such short notice. Much appreciated.“


“Words seem so inadequate to express my sincere, heartfelt appreciation and thankfulness to you for the excellent dental care you have given me. From the first phone call with Pennie, your state of the art equipment, latest up-to-date technology, & knowledge, to your genuine caring, I’m so very blessed to have found you! Thank you for your amazing commitment to dental excellence, professionalism, and total health of your patients. “


“It is 11pm as I am pondering this day, which was filled with appreciation, I must admit. By 11pm, I am thinking, “That was the most caring day I have felt – ever.” I hope you realize how unique and detailed your care-giving and life-long learning is. “Many are called,” but few “choose” to be healers, as your hands and heart are God’s…. I was frankly amazed you two were “on duty” and still caring and efficient the ENTIRE day. My experience in Western medicine is about the “5 – 15 minutes and then pass off to someone equally as non-caring. Just know we love and care about you very much.“

A & B

“Thank you all so much for all you have done to help ease my snoring issue! The NightLase plus the tongue-tie treatments have been very helpful. I still use the mouthpiece a few hours, but overall – so much better.“


“It has been great being your patient. I just wanted to send a thank you for all of your support and help. You and your staff are the best I ever had, and I will continue to share your praises with everyone I meet.“


“I just can’t thank you enough for identifying and remediating my TMJ problem. What a difference it has made to be without pain and having to take over-the-counter pain medications to be able to function throughout the day or sleep at night. Your kindness and expertise are greatly and forever appreciated.“


“Thank you so much for all your time, study, and skills to help me achieve good health in my life. I also appreciate the kindness and thoughtfulness from everyone – gifts of the heart that smile sunshine! I meant it when I said I now have hope and look forward to sickness behind me for good. Thank you for all that!“


“I just wanted to stop by really quick to say “thank you” for what you did for my brother…. The work you did was outstanding and nothing short of true artwork! Needless to say, my family and brother were very impressed. My mother commented on the impression you made on her, with the time alone that you gave just to ensure everything was done correctly! My brother always thanks me for referring him and for setting up his appointment. In short, thank you, Larry! Your work will never go unnoticed around my family and friends. I appreciate all you’ve done and do!“


“I had cavitation surgery in four areas, corresponding to where my back molars used to be many years ago. When I learned about cavitations – what they are, how they make you feel bad – I made up my mind to find out if I ever had any. Having lived with chronic Lyme disease for twenty years, I was determined to get rid of pathogens wherever they might hide in my body. Lyme bacteria hide in low-oxygen areas of the body, such as in a cavitation, and many other nasty germs hide in there, too. A special type of x-ray confirmed that I had four cavitations, and two of them were large. After the surgery, a pathology report was done on the diseased bone that was removed. It revealed there was a lot of infection by numerous bacteria, and I’m so glad to get rid of those rotten (literally, rotten!) areas of bone. The surgery was not scary, and I am feeling better and better. I don’t feel constantly sick as before.

After dental surgery on a Wednesday, I felt just great on Thursday, but then woke up in the middle of the night in extreme pain. The pain radiated from up under my cheekbone, downward and upward, all over one side of my head. I was actually crying when I called Desert Valley Dentistry on Friday morning. Well, I went back into the office right away, and Dr. Bybee attached the Alpha-Stim electrodes on my face. I could just faintly feel the electrical pulses as I tried to relax in the chair.After a few minutes, the pain was definitely getting better, and within another few minutes, it was all gone. The whole session took about half an hour. I am very impressed with the Alpha-Stim, and, in fact, I would like to own one myself. It was that good. Other people’s experiences with Alpha-Stim will vary, of course, depending on their own unique problems, but I know this happened to me exactly the way I described it, and I know this is True.


“I just want to say thank you, Dr. Bybee and Team, for helping me on my path to good health. I thought my root canal was just fine, but after taking pictures, they found I had infection in my root canal and wisdom teeth. When Dr. Bybee pulled my root canal, a bunch of pus came out,. They tested it and found 15 different types of bad bacteria that my body was having such a hard time fighting. Now my whole mouth has been taken care of in a most kind and respectful way. They have all helped me to a new life of being breast cancer-free.“


“Desert Valley Gang: You all are somebody who makes everybody feel like special somebodies!“

C & S

“We want to thank each of you for all your kind help and caring! We are very grateful to have found you so able to offer what M needs to improve his health. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your goodness, knowledge, skills, thoroughness, attention to detail, and wonderful help!“

M & JH

“Thank you for being so kind to share your time with our support group last month. Your presentation was informative and interesting. I have reflected many times throughout the month on different statements you made. It is so important for all of us to keep learning! May you be rewarded for your unselfish service!“


“Thank you for your generous donation of toothbrushes and toothpaste! The men and women of Kinangop, Kenya were overjoyed!! I did a very educational class on the importance of oral hygiene and dental care! Thank you for contributing and truly making a difference in the lives of the Kenyan people!!! God bless you!!“


“Dr. Trevor has been so amazing to work with! He replaced both my and my husband’s teeth. The process of having our teeth replaced has been so smooth and simple. I was nervous about the pain of teeth replacement, and I had zero pain. Dr. Trevor is very detail oriented, has a calming presence, and gets things done in a timely manner. He will make sure everything is perfect before you leave! Dr. Bybee’s staff is also all very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend Desert Valley Dentistry for all your dental needs! We love our teeth and frequently get comments on how beautiful they are, which is all thanks to Dr. Trevor Bybee!”