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If you read Dr. Larry’s and Dr. Trevor’s biographies, one thing that jumps out immediately is just how committed each is to ongoing education. They are always striving to learn more about the relationship between oral and whole body health – and techniques for providing optimal care of both, supporting healing and your overall well-being.
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They encourage their patients to be students, as well. This only makes sense. After all, the
the original Latin word from which we get the word “doctor” means “teacher,” as well as “scholar.”

They know that the more patients understand their teeth, their bodies, and the mechanisms of health, the more able they are to take ownership of their health and make the best, most informed decisions about their care – decisions in line with their own values, priorities, needs, and goals.

So we invite you to explore the collection of resources here to deepen your understanding of biological dentistry and important issues related to it.