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“I had cavitation surgery in four areas, corresponding to where my back molars used to be many years ago. When I learned about cavitations- what they are, how they make you feel bad- I made up my mind to find out if I had any. Having lived with chronic Lyme disease for twenty years, I was determined to get rid pathogens wherever they might hide in my body. Lyme bacteria hide in low-oxygen areas of the body, such as in a cavitation, and many other nasty germs hide in there, too. A special type of X-ray confirmed that I had four cavitations, and two of them were large. After the surgery a pathology report was done on the diseased bone that was removed. It revealed there was a lot of infection by numerous bacteria, and I’m so glad to get rid of those rotten (literally, rotten!) areas of bone. The surgery was not scary and I am feeling better and better- I don’t feel constantly sick as before. After dental surgery on a Wednesday, I felt just great on Thursday, but then woke up in the middle of the night in extreme pain. The pain radiated from up under my cheekbone, downward and upward all over one side of my head. I was actually crying when I called Desert Valley Dentistry on Friday morning. Well, I went back into the office right away, and Dr. Bybee attached the alpha-stim electrodes on my face. I could just faintly feel the electrical pulses as I tried to relax in the chair. After a few minutes my pain was definitely getting better, and within another few minutes it was all gone. The whole session took about a half hour. I am very impressed with the Alpha-Stim and in fact I would like to own one myself. It was that good. Other peoples’ experiences with Alpha-Stim will vary, of course, depending on their own unique problems, but I know this happened to me exactly the way I described it, and I know this is True.”

--MM, Wyoming

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